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Good Food!
Are you sure ... is?
3 vegies & 2 fruits a day!
The myth ...!
Did you know that your body needs 60 minerals every day and these minerals should be provided by your food, the vegetables and the fruit you eat. Without these vital minerals your body is less able to protect you from the invasion of sickness, chemicals and pollution.

Facts are revealed!
......................Please read on for the sake of your family!

Fact 1.
Your body requires 90 different nutrients from your diet every day. These nutrients are made up as follows: 60 minerals, 16 vitamins, 12 amino acids, and 3 essential fatty acids. Without these your body becomes sick.

Fact 2.
Today most farmers enrich the soil with only 3 mineral fertilisers (NPK), nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Chemical phosphates used as a substitute for the organic destroy the tiny microbes in the soil. As a result the inorganic minerals required for mineral rich crops are unavailable.

Fact 3.
Where crops are irrigated with mineral rich water from glaciers, the people groups there are almost free from heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure, glaucoma, birth defects, hyperactive children, learning disabilities, arthritis, osteoporosis, diabetes, cataracts, and obesity. Instead many of these people live healthy lives well over 100 years.

Fact 4.
The problem of mineral deficient soil has been known by authorities since 1936, when United States Senate document 264 of the 74th Congress was published. The report states that soils are mineral deficient and 99% of the population is mineral deficient. All this was more than 60 years ago and it's much worse today.

Fact 5.
Most people don't know the truth regarding the lack of minerals in the soil / food and the link to mineral deficient diseases. Many don't care as they think it won't bother them, others don't believe it's true and some want more information and are willing to take positive action. What about you?

You may have lots of questions but let me ask you one! Have you noticed the increase in health challenges? some relatively unknown just a few decades ago, diabetes, alzheimer's disease, ADD, ADHD, obesity, arthritis, osteoporosis heart disease, and cancer?

What are the options.
  1. You can continue eating what you eat and face the consequences!
  2. You can grow your own organic mineral rich vegetables and fruit by adding the 60 elemental minerals to your soil.
  3. You can add supplementary minerals to your diet.

If you choose option 3 the following condensed information will interest you.

Colloidal Minerals.
Humans are designed to absorb plant derived minerals not inorganic metallic minerals. If you need iron you don't suck on a railway line or eat iron filings, you should get minerals from the food you eat.

The minerals you need start with micro-organisms in soil, they convert available inorganic elemental minerals into a plant useable form. Then the plants absorb these minerals and inturn produce organic minerals complete with amino acids. Minerals absorbed in this way considerably enhance the value of the vitamins you ingest.

As indicated, all the minerals your body requires are rarely in your food. You can choose a supplement, Colloidal minerals. These minerals are 98% absorbable by your body and contain the 60 minerals your body requires to maintain good health, fight off infection, combat pollution and increase your energy levels.

Other interesting books, video and audio tapes are available on loan.

Phone for further information and your local supplier.

Do it for the health of your family and you!

Snippet's of mineral information.

Hormone and endocrine system.
Trace minerals are an essential part of hormone structures and help to regulate the hormonal activity of the entire endocrine system.

Minerals and vitamins work together.
Minerals are vital for the utilisation of vitamins, this is vital for your health. The body cannot absorb vitamin E unless sufficient levels of colloidal zinc is in the blood. Vitamin C can triple the absorption of iron, vitamin D is vital for the absorption of calcium.

Volcanic Minerals.
Mount St. Helens volcano erupted in May 1980. That year apple crops in Oregon and Washington states were devastated by the mineral ash that covered the land. The following year the apples were twice the size and the quantity was more than ever before. Minerals are vital for you!

Live an active life. The basis of any nutritional regime starts with organic colloidal minerals. All cell function is dependent on the spark of life that minerals provide. Minerals are the catalysts that vitamins, enzymes and other nutrients require to work effectively and provide the energy and disease resistance you require for a healthy active life.

For confirmation of this shocking information read:-

Rare Earths, Forbidden Cures. By Joel Wallach. Double Happiness Pub.
Minerals You Choose VS Minerals you use. By Jackson E Stockwell.

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