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Jeff & Joan Hocking

Joan and I owned and managed 4 companies with distribution all around Australia. Our inventory exceeded $300,000:00 our overdraft and loans $250,000:00. Our personal property was used as security for the loans. We worked 70 hours + per week and had little private or social life. Staff problems were significant and most were paid more than us. After almost 15 years of stressful existence and ill health we decided the rewards were unsatisfactory and the life style woeful. We looked for an alternative that was legal moral and ethical and home based with low over heads.

Now we work together at home 10 to 20 hours a week! We can earn much more! Have no inventory! No overdraft, no staff! No risk and no Worries!

That's freedom and life style for us. Things changed because we made some changes.

The truth is, Mutual Support Marketing can open the door to a balanced lifestyle for any one. It wont "just happen"- but with persistent, organised and effective team work just 5 to 10 hours per week a new balanced lifestyle is possible in 2 to 4 years.

If your thinking or making a change please have a good look around the Strong Chain life style page and then get in touch we'll give you all the help we can.

Robert Lancucki

My story will probably not surprise you, because it is very similar to many you've already heard from your family and friends.

I had a good education, 17 years to be exact including 5 years at universities. I got a good job, or jobs I should say. I Worked loyally and hard for up to 70 hours and 7 days a week for over 15 years...
All this allowed me to quickly climb the professional ladder and achieve high income and so called professional status, but it didn't give me the lifestyle I needed.

My spare time was at a premium, and ever increasing stress related problems were giving me final signs to pull out of this never ending 'rat race'.

So I decided to change my career. I looked closely into various business opportunities. And as a result of my research, and with my open mindedness, I found a very exciting and satisfying home based business with quality and integrity, legal, moral and ethical... It was something that I was looking for, because I can now earn as much as in my professional career, and because it requires only 1-2 hours a day of my commitment, it is very special to me, as it allows me to have a quality lifestyle with my family and friends. Now, I work happily from home, slowly but surely, building my strong leverage income future.

It is the best thing that ever happened to me, and I'm happy to help anyone to do the same.

Your sincere friend,


Feel free to contact Strong Chain for any additional information. Thank you.