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Neways Success Stories

Brian & Judy Richardson
- The desire to 'give it a go'!

Simon & Jodiann Poynton
- Neways is about lifestyle

Godfrey & Michelle Tindall
- There's Networking... and there's Neways!

Ian & Debbie Symington
- Diamond is just the beginning

Murray & Lois Piltz
- Our journey with Neways

Maxine & Ken Green
- Create a new future!

The desire to 'give it a go'!
By Brian & Judy Richardson, Diamond Ambassadors, WA. Sponsored by: John Winchester, NSW. Former Occupations: Brian - Engineering Designer, Judy - Hospital Administration

Brian & Judy Richardson with their family

Brian & Judy with their Neways car.

The beautiful family home in Sorrento, WA

      After a good number of years with Neways it is still as exciting and rewarding a business as ever.
      We chose to become involved in Network Marketing. Even though Brian & I both had good full-time employment we couldn't afford to upgrade our 20-year-old house and car or give our three children the higher education we desired for them.
      It was our desire to do these things but we had no way of achieving it on our fixed incomes.
      Once we made the decision to give Network Marketing 'a go' we went for it. Our goals and their time frame came first, together with a list of contacts, then it was just a matter of retailing and sponsoring.
      After an episode in another company which proved to be less than satisfactory we were approached to look at Neways. We investigated thoroughly to find 'the catch' ... there wasn't one!
      Our first company proved to be an apprenticeship with that experience being invaluable in helping us build our Neways business.
      Neways gave us the opportunity to support our children when they continued with a higher education. We moved into our dream home and purchased two new cars (on the Car Program, of course) after only a few years.
      We have since been able to leave the workforce and now run our Neways business from home, giving us the freedom of time and an independence we never dreamed possible.
      The best and most important factors in Network Marketing are twofold.
      Firstly, you are building your own business, not restricted to a fixed income. There is unlimited potential to achieve financial freedom.
      Secondly, it empowers you to improve other people's lives. You are creating a team of people who have the same ideals - supportive, positive people. They are not competing with, or working against you, rather they want you to succeed, just as they do.
      Neways is a unique company. It supplies highly marketable products and they target the current trends and needs of the community.
      Neways has a balanced Marketing Plan which has been designed with the new or part-time Distributor in mind as well as the long-term business builder, providing generously for all. This Plan is built on the principle of rewards, not penalties.
      The management team of Neways Australia is dedicated to their Distributors' successes and always provide full support and loads of encouragement.
      The founders and owners of the Company, Tom & Dee Mower, have the vision and the wisdom necessary to firmly establish Neways as the Company setting the standards in this new millennium.
      Neways is second to none and we feel truly blessed to have been a part of the founding and consolidating years of this Company in Australia.
      The momentum stage is just beginning for this great Company and we believe the best is yet to come.
      Thank you to everyone who believed in us enough to become part of our team, our success could not have happened without you.
Neways is about lifestyle
By Simon & Jodiann Poynton, Diamond Ambassadors, Dayboro, Queensland. Sponsored by: Sharon Connolly,Western Australia. Occupations: Simon - Photographer, Jodiann - Clinical Nurse

Simon & Jodiann Poynton

Simon & Jodiann enjoying their Neways lifestyle

Their Neways lifestyle includes a fabulous BMW, gained through the Neways Car Program

      Within three weeks of using Neways health care and personal care products, Jodiann's poor health had improved. She felt well for the first time in many years.
      We decided at this point, Neways was about 'lifestyle' and everyone within three feet of us needed to know this information.
      As a Health Care Professional, Jodiann knew she had found a gift to share with others. Within a few months we had seen improvements in other peoples' health, which only strengthened our commitment to Neways.
      The most important aspect of this business is caring for people and that's what we do every day.
      As John Smart (Neways Corporate Trainer, US) says, "Forget the money truck ... and love people" Team Neways is just that -it's about people.
      We feel so much a part of a fabulous team, from the letters of encouragement from Australian Corporate staff and Tom & Dee Mower, to our upline support which is endless. It all helps us bond together in a common goal. What a great business Neways is!
      Neways has given us our life back. Our dreams and goals are all coming true. What a privilege to be involved with a Company which helps people turn their goals into a reality. Thank you Neways!

Our business building tips to other Distributors are:
  • Be enthusiastic and honest
  • Become a 100% product user and believe in the products
  • Never pre-judge who you give the information to
  • Give people information with your heart open
  • Always show the whole program
  • Use proven successful systems to share information
  • Go to all events and trainings
  • Attend all functions with a happy attitude and something to give
  • Never doubt you are doing the right thing
  • Write your goals down - put them on your fridge with the date you wish to achieve them
  • Expect 100% success in everything you do
  • There's networking... and there's Neways!
    By Godfrey & Michelle Tindall, Diamond Ambassadors, Longreach. Qld. Occupations: Godfrey - grazier; Michele - former School Librarian, currently grazier & full time Neways Distributor. Sponsored by Christine Gear, GHS International, Qld.

    Godfrey & Michelle Tindall

    Rounding up sheep is certainly dusty work.

    When there's work to be done, everyone pitches in.

    Our Neways business gave us our first family trip together... to the snow!

          No other company has a marketing plan to match it and no other company has such dynamic products as these.
          After joining Neways in May, 1994, we soon experienced what sizzling products Neways offered, however, we were not confident to step into another networking business having just experienced our previous company going under.
          We live on a mixed grazing property in Central Western Queensland. We have three sons and work in an industry that has had its challenges in the last few years.
          Since 1994 we have been continually amazed to read the many success stories in Impressions, coupled with family and friends having powerful testimonies with regard to the products.
          That was what we needed to make the decision to attend the Pacific Rim Convention held in Adelaide, 1998. We wanted to experience first hand why this Company stood out from the rest.
          Little did we know that this decision was to shape our future. It gave us the excitement ... and more importantly the belief ... that Neways does deliver!
          Although we were enthusiastic to get things started it did not gain real momentum until we made a firm commitment in January of this year. (2000) 'Chele' gave up her four days part-time employment to concentrate on her Neways business. Her goal was to earn in one month from Neways what she would earn in one year from her 'normal' job.
          This allowed time to work with people who were committed to building a network and gave us the time to support our team building in areas quite a distance from us.
          In February, this year, we attended a seven day, intensive course called 'Grazing for Profit' which lined up with what our Neways business can do for us. A great course directed at the rural industry bringing with it the challenge of a new way of thinking.
          Neways offers the 'You Were Born Rich' seminars, a life-changing weekend that teaches us to focus on what we want with our lives and how we can achieve the desired results. We agree it is a 'must' for serious Distributors.
          We feel very passionate about the difference Neways can make to people's lifestyles through better health and increased incomes. We are excited about the future, a future that will allow us the freedom to do the things that are important to us.
          Things like being able to afford private education for our boys and the time and money to travel together as a family. Our first family trip was to the snowfields this September. We now enjoy driving a Landcruiser Prado, thanks to the Neways Car Program.
          We would like to congratulate our team for doing what it takes to achieve their goals and look forward to seeing them driving the car of their choice.
          We are very fortunate to have GHS as our support and thank Christine and Neale for their great leadership.
          We totally support Tom and Dee's mission to make our personal environment safer and thank them for their vision, commitment and integrity. Our thanks also to the Australian Corporate team for the excellent job they do.
          In closing, we know passion builds business, so we can encourage you to find your passion within Neways and ... take your passion and let it happen!
    Diamond is just the beginning
    By Ian & Debbie Symington, Diamond Ambassadors, Northam, WA. Former Occupations: Fuel Distributors. Sponsored by: Yildiz & Richard Hocking, WA.

    Ian & Debbie Symington

    Ian and Debbie spending time with their children (Brenton & Tegan)

    Ian and Debbie with their Neways car.

          Diamond ... what a goal! It is achievable, but not on your own. The people in your group make you a Diamond, along with the terrific support of the Australian Corporate staff giving you encouragement at all times.
          When we were introduced to Neways the very last thing on our minds was to take on another business, it was purely to find a fix for lack of energy and hopefully help our daughter's skin problem.
          The products exceeded our expectations and we started to learn how and why they worked. When people started asking us what we were doing we realised a lot of people were in the same situation ... lack of energy to enjoy what they were building.
          We have been in traditional business for 23 years and enjoyed that part of our fife immensely, but we found we never had any time for ourselves.
          The stresses were very high and always there and it was starting to show on our health. We had the energy for work but nothing left over for our family or ourselves.
          Nothing is set in concrete these days and we found our business directions changed through a merger of major oil companies. After stepping away from what we had seen as our long-term future, we realised Neways was an opportunity to build a business with a difference.
          Our children have openly stated they never wanted to go into 'business' for themselves as they were part of a very hectic and pressured lifestyle.
          Since being in Neways, our son Brenton has become an Executive in the business and has a goal to achieve Diamond Ambassador level by the time he is 23 years old ... as he now understands that business can be fun!
          Neways has many similarities to other businesses in that it takes continual effort and follow-up to build a strong base.
          The difference is you can have fun building a network and the harder you work helping others to understand their health and secure their financial future, the stronger your team becomes.
          The Company offers many opportunities for self development and one we believe everyone should attend is Born Rich facilitated by John Maguire. We know goal setting works and it is through John's support and encouragement we have achieved our first two goals ... but achieving Diamond is a beginning ... not an end.
          We would like to pass on to everyone that, yes, Diamond is achievable. Listen to John Smart and build your business one person at a time. It is just that simple.
          You do not have to have a business background, just learn to believe in yourself and you will achieve the goals you set. Don't look for an excuse why you can't achieve - find the reasons why you can.
          Remember ... wishful thinking will not get you where you want to go, setting goals and putting changes in place will enable you to achieve.
          To coin a phrase: "If you continue to do what you've always done, you will continue to be what you've always been."
    Our journey with Neways
    By Murray & Lois Piltz, Diamond Ambassadors, Murray Bridge, SA. Former Occupations: Murray - Former, General Builder, Maintenance Fitter; Lois - Home Management, Cake Decorator. Sponsored by: GHS International P/L Qld.

    Murray & Lois Piltz at their Diamond Ambassadorship presentation.

    Murray & Lois Piltz sen here with Neways founders, Tom & Dee Mower, in Vanuatu.

          Neways is the best! It's unbeatable! There is just no comparison to the brilliant products, they do work and the Marketing Plan delivers unbelievable financial rewards.
          Believe us ... Neways does what it says it does. Providing financial rewards for people who put in the effort to share the fabulous products and marketing concept.
          We come from a farming background and later moved to Murray Bridge where Murray did building and maintenance work at the local abattoirs.
          Our journey with Neways started when Christine Gear and John Smart came to our home to show us Neways.
          It is so obvious when one is working for someone else, we work for 'their' dreams, 'their' goals - not ours. We are so glad we had the opportunity to be farmers, experience the workforce and now most of all the fabulous opportunity to build our future with Neways.
          The first year we used the products and didn't really take the business opportunity seriously. However, when Murray found he was getting excellent results with his arthritic condition (by using the Health Care products) we thought we had better share the experience with others.
          We have spent many hours sharing the products and the business opportunity and helping other people develop their own business. We would not be where we are today if we hadn't attended the Neways Information Meetings and Trainings on a regular basis.
          We realised to be serious about Neways we had to make a concentrated effort to attend. Yes, it means travel, commitment, loyalty, patience, persistence, flexibility and consistency.
          The generous Car Program has given us the opportunity to purchase our first new car ever - paid for by Neways. We had the keys presented to us personally by Tom & Dee Mower at the Pacific Rim Convention, 1997.
          In May 1999 our dream for a second car became a reality. We feel so privileged to be part of the Neways opportunity.
          We are a team and together we achieve more. What happens when a team doesn't pull together? The opposite of pulling together is 'pulling apart' and like two donkeys, all you get is a chaffed neck, a bad temper and nothing to eat.

          In the case of Neways - no income! The 'pulling together' principle works well in all areas of life - husbands and wives, parents and children, relationships as well as support lines.
          We believe that we are all obligated to share the Neways story and products so that our environment can be a better place to live, not just for us, but for our children and their children.
          Our gratitude to GHS (Christine and Neale Gear) for giving us a new vision and introducing us to Neways as they helped and guided us on a journey and not a destination. We sincerely thank them.
          Our special thanks and congratulations to our team for their commitment to sharing Neways with others and for the wonderful friendships we have made on 'their' Neways journey.
          Remember, a team pulls together. We wish every success to all Distributors.
          Thank you to John Maguire, all the Australian Corporate Staff, Paul Kloeden, Christine Shaddick and Terry Edwards for their continued encouragement.
          When we joined Neways we knew we were on a road to help other people achieve health or wealth ... or maybe both!
          Thank you, Tom & Dee Mower and everyone else involved with Neways, especially those who have helped us on our journey.
    Create a new future!
    By Maxine & Ken Green, Diamond Ambassadors, Perth, WA. Occupations: Maxine - full time mother and former Personal Assistant, Ken - Police Officer. Sponsored by: Tania Clements, WA.

    Maxine Green

    Maxine Green and Executive, Janice Hearne, "Taking Neways to the bush!"

          Everyone who joins Neways should congratulate themselves on taking the first step towards a healthy future ... where you go from there is your choice.
          Today, there is a belief that if we think right, eat right, breathe right, relax right and put back whatever the body loses as part of the ageing process, we can live a happy and healthy life.
          Ken and I hold a respect for nature and our health so Neways was the perfect business opportunity to complement our beliefs.
          As a full-time mum, being able to work from home had appeal. Juggling skills are required! Fortunately, Ken, who has his own full-time career, is very supportive.
          The decision to join Neways and create our future has proven exciting and rewarding. The Corporate philosophy of "Health, Wealth and Wisdom" is easy to promote because it comes from the hearts of two extraordinary people, Tom & Dee Mower, the founders of Neways International.
          As an Advisory Board member I have privileged insight into the soul of Neways. The Corporate Team are a strong, cohesive group of dedicated people who practice 'mutual support'. The strength of Neways in the market reflects their commitment to our success.
          Network marketing is a very forgiving business and you can learn as the business builds - no previous experience required! There's a place for everyone part-time or full-time, no matter what your previous working history, family commitment, financial status or physical ability.
          We began with humble beginnings (on the kitchen bench beside the fruit bowl!) in October 1995. A few months later our neighbour and friend joined to buy the products at wholesale. The products worked their magic and with dedication, two years later in February 1998, we achieved the rank of Diamond Ambassador.
          It's a rare combination to find good health, lifestyle choices and financial success. If you want it, you can do it because successful people move towards the pictures they create in their mind.
          Once you've set a target ... with Neways you're in luck. The Marketing Plan returns one of the highest bonuses in network marketing worldwide ... in excess of 50%! The rewards are real, with no hype or false promises.
          Reaching your goal is very achievable when you have the Courage to make the Commitment.
          Advanced Driver Training teaches students that when a car is out of control, look to where you want to go and you'll head in the right direction. Focus is everything ... so don't focus on the tree!
          Nurturing a Neways family requires communication and persistence. Every day my goal is to achieve something positive and productive towards developing the business. Dedication is always rewarded, duplication is simple for everyone.
          Notes for nurturing a successful Neways family...
          Believe in these unique products
          Share them with integrity and enthusiasm
          Encourage toddler teams to walk, never push
          Recognise their achievements
          Lead by example
          Relax and have fun!
          As a mum, working from home is a tremendous bonus. Our three young children are dedicated Neways kids who are madly planning their holiday to the Gold Coast in March. The third Annual Neways Convention holds no appeal to them but Sea World, Dream World and Movie World are prime targets!
          Neways has changed our lives and our health and we can now see a future where the things we never thought possible are happening for real.
          Thank you to our fantastic team, sharing your success is the best reward.


    Feel free to contact Strong Chain for any additional information. Thank you.