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Hair Care
Hair Products

Neways Hair Care products are non-irritating and designed to cleanse, protect and moisturise even the most sensitive scalps. This dynamic range of products leaves the hair healthy, manageable and is suitable for the entire family.

Ultimate Shampoo
Ultimate Shampoo is a world class, family shampoo containing high quality ingredients. Curcuminoids, high-powered antioxidants, fight against free radical damage while helping to eliminate dandruff. With Ultimate's free-rinsing formula, there is no need to worry about shampoo "burn out" again.

Silken Shampoo
Silken Shampoo is a supremely gentle and moisturising shampoo. It has been designed specifically for normal to dry hair and is especially effective for damaged or chemically treated hair.

Exuberance Conditioner
Neways has one of the few hair conditioners which does not contain animal fat (tallow), which coats the hair. Instead, Neways uses amino acid restructuring compounds to reinforce the hair shaft. Studies show that the wet combing strength of the hair using Exuberance is increased by approximately 200% and dry combing by 67%.

Replenishing Mist
Hair normally loses its moisture within two hours of shampooing. Replenishing Mist adds special moisturising and restructuring agents to the hair and helps maintain high moisture levels for up to 48 hours. This increases flexibility and strength and decreases brittleness.

Sculpting Gel
Sculpting Gel can be used either for a wet look or is suitable for styling, giving high manageability and excellent holding power. Its non-alcohol formulation does not suffocate and irritate the scalp, nor does it plug the fair follicle and sebaceous glands. With Sculpting Gel, your hair retains its natural beauty as well as its style.

Sassy can be used either as a super-hold spritz or spray gel on either wet or dry hair. Sassy contains Silk Amino Acids to moisturise and condition your hair, as well as Hair Keratin Amino Acids to strengthen the hair shaft. Sassy is ideal to use as a perm reviver.

Free Flex Hair Spray
Free Flex is a fast drying hair spray combining increased flexibility with great holding power. A luxurious Aloe extract is added to moisturise and give your hair extra beauty. Brush through your hair after spraying to style and manage with better control. Free Flex can be used on wet or dry hair.

Finishing Touch
Finishing Touch is a water-based, firm hold hair spray carrying essential ingredients into the hair shaft and replacing vital oils, vitamins and amino acid complexes. Hair will have greater flexibility, improved curl retention and rebound. Results are long lasting with beautiful control even for hard to hold hairstyles.

2nd Chance System
The 2nd Chance System has been designed to maintain youthful, thicker, healthier hair. Each product contains special nutrients to cleanse and pre-condition the scalp.

2nd Chance Shampoo
2nd Chance Shampoo has been carefully formulated and balanced to help remove excessive oil, grease and dirt from the scalp and hair. The highly effective ingredients help soften the sebum plug for later emulsifying and flushing.

2nd Chance Scalp Conditioner
The 2nd Chance Scalp Conditioner begins where the 2nd Chance Shampoo left off. Its ingredients continue to assist the sebum plug softening, emulsifying and flushing from the hair follicle.

Super Booster
Super Booster is designed to assist the promotion of healthier hair and scalp. It is an excellent supplement when used with the 2nd Chance Shampoo and 2nd Chance Scalp Conditioner and is very effective when used separately, to maintain a vigorous, healthy, full-looking head of hair.

Heat Wheat Scalp Warmer
The scalp warmer is designed to accelerate the effectiveness of the 2nd Chance system. It is made from quality, durable corduroy and is filled with a specific mixture of herbs, grain and wheat. The Heat Wheat Scalp Warmer can maintain its heat for a period of up to two hours.
NB: When using it with the 2nd Chance system place a shower cap on the hair prior to applying the Scalp Warmer.

Feel free to contact Strong Chain for any additional information. Thank you.