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Home Care
Home Care Products

The highly concentrated formulas in this range make cleaning and air freshening a safe practice for both the user and the environment. Use these products with confidence to tackle a multitude of sanitising, freshening and cleaning tasks throughout the home.

Neways scientists designed Guardian as a broad spectrum, fast acting and safe disinfectant cleaner. Guardian was specifically developed for hospitals, nursing homes and schools, as well as for around the home or office. In both domestic and commercial situations, Guardian easily eliminates odours from garbage storage areas, empty garbage bins, toilet bowls and any area prone to odours caused by micro-organisms.

NewBrite Air Fresheners
Make your selection from this amazing trio of botanical scents, each containing a carefully selected and exquisite blend of herbs and spices.

Ocean Mist
Now you can recreate the freshness found only atop the mighty ocean. Ocean Mist, a crisp and sweetly fragrant blend, comprises Anise and Bergamot for a delicate, clean, spicy, floral fragrance; Marjoram for its pleasant, mint-like aroma, Petitgrain for a fresh, flowery fragrance and Vetivert for full, earthy notes.

Meadow Mist
As you spray the delicate scent of Meadow Mist into your room, you could easily feel you are being transported to the midst of a lush meadow in summer. The aromas which greet your senses are Lavender with its comforting and spicy smelling tones; Sandalwood with its powerful, long-lasting, rose-like fragrance; a delicate hint of Geranium and the calming scent of Chamomile blossoms.

Spring Mist
Just a short spray of this rich and enhancing springtime blend will capture a season of fresh breezes, blue skies and fullness of life. Spring Mist comprises scents including Basil with its spicy, fresh and sweet fragrance; Neroli with its highly radiant floral and romantic perfume and Ylang Ylang, the "flower of flowers", with its fully fragrant and intensely exotic floral aroma to blend perfectly with the woody, earthy tones of Patchouli.

Laundry Powder Concentrate
It's Here... Neways' NewBrite 2kg Laundry Powder Concentrate, formulated especially for the Australian market and manufactured for Neways in Australia. Rigorous, standardised testing has shown that this product outperforms other leading MLM products. The rapidly biodegradable detergents and environmentally save packaging ensure that not only your clothes get the best treatment ever, but that there is minimal impact on the environment. Neways' NewBrite Laundry Powder Concentrate is especially designed to take care of your family, your clothes... and the environment.

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