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Leslie DeeAnn Colour Cosmetics
Leslie DeeAnn Colour Cosmetics

Leslie DeeAnn Colour Cosmetics are designed for the woman who is concerned about the health of her complexion, not just its appearance. Featuring an exclusive blend of natural ingredients, Leslie DeeAnn Cosmetics help clear up your complexion, not cover up your skin. The result is natural beauty without compromising your skinÖ or your health.

Leslie DeeAnnís foundation is moisturising and has a sheer coverage allowing the skin to breathe. It does not clog the pores and blends naturally with any skin tone for a smooth, flawless complexion. Its innovative combination of ingredients are perfect for every skin type as it tends to normalise oily, dry or combination skin. Leslie DeeAnnís foundation is available in five shades: Porcelain, Peach, Honey, Almond and Dark Bronze. Porcelain is the lightest and Dark Bronze the darkest.

Loose Powder
Leslie DeeAnnís loose powder is the final step to facial perfection. It minimises skin imperfections and diminishes the appearance of facial oils without suffocating or damaging the skin. Leslie DeeAnnís loose power complements the foundations, giving a perfect matte finish.

Leslie DeeAnn Blushers contour and define, highlight or add a subtle contrast to create a soft, natural appearance. The blushers project a healthy glow to the skin and can be blended together to create a variety of colours.

Eye Pencils
For a dramatic, sophisticated effect, these classic eye pencils enhance the eye shape and are ideal to emphasise or correct the eye. They can be easily blended for a subdued, natural look and are gentle and non-irritating.

Eye Shadows
Leslie DeeAnn has a choice of elegant eye shadow colours to accentuate your most alluring assetÖ your eyes. The eye shadows are moisturising, long lasting and help reduce the appearance of wrinkles surrounding the eye area, without creasing. Blending various combinations of these natural and exciting colours can create a variety of different looks.

The Leslie DeeAnn highlighters are soft and subtle eye colour accessories designed to accent the fashionable Leslie DeeAnn eye shadows.

Leslie DeeAnnís gentle, luxurious mascara lengthens and thickens lashes to create a perfect finish for beautiful eyes. Water-resistant and smudge proof for 24 hour wearability, it has been formulated for the most sensitive eyes, is easy to apply and does not clog the lashes.

This stunning range of versatile lipsticks moisturise and protect your lips, giving a lustrous shine and creating a glamorous look for any occasion.

Lip Pencils
Define and shape your lips with the Leslie DeeAnn classic lip pencils. Choose a shade in harmony with the lipstick colour you have selected and apply lip pencil to the outer edge of the lips. This will eliminate feathering and give a long lasting, luscious lip colour.

Nail Enamel
Leslie DeeAnnís fast drying, long wearing, chip resistant nail enamels, compliment the lipsticks and provide the finishing touch to your glamour routine.

Top and Base Coat
This Top and Base Coat has been especially designed to act as a base for the nail enamels, providing a smooth surface for application. Used as a topcoat over nail enamel, it gives a final protective seal, increasing the staying power. On natural nails it adds an attractive gloss.

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