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Nail Care
Nail Care Products

Longer, stronger nails are at your fingertips with Neways Natural Elegance System. The "living polymer" nail gels are very similar to the natural nail and cure quickly under the special bonding lamp. With the Natural Elegance System you can strengthen and protect your natural nails without jeopardising their health.
For application techniques of the system refer to the Natural Elegance Manual and Training video.

Ultra High Gloss Gel
Ultra High Gloss Gel is a "living polymer" nail gel that is gas permeable and does not seal off the natural nail. The nail beds can respire normally to help maintain natural, healthy looking fingernails. At the same time, the gel exhibits the same flex rate and patterns as the natural nail. This is very important as dissimilar plate movement is one of the primary causes of artificial nail separation.
NB: Available in clear, white tip, copper, iridescent pink, passion pink, spring peach, wine red.

Bonding Lamp
A safe, effective, state of the art UV bonding lamp provides the conditions needed for "even" bonding of the Neways nail gels to the nails, creating a glossy, natural look.

Nail Whitener
Nail Whitener is a nail sealer for use over the top of the Neways Nail Gels. It helps to prevent yellowing caused by UV light.
NB: For use over the Ultra High Gloss Gels only, not to be used over natural nails.

Nail Enhancer
Nail Enhancer is a superb, rich nail and cuticle conditioner promoting new nail growth. Vitamin extracts moisturise, nourish and strengthen nails and cuticles by cleaning and improving the condition of the matrix, enhancing the intake of nutrients and providing optimum nourishment to the nail bed. Nail Enhancer helps eliminate problems with ingrown nails and other nail irregularities.

Feel free to contact Strong Chain for any additional information. Thank you.