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Personal Care
Personal Care Products

Neways provides you with the latest technology in Personal Care products to enhance your overall image through avenues that will not compromise your health and well-being.

Indulge Bubble Bath
This unique formulation gently cleans and softens the skin while helping to relieve stress as you relax in the bath. A special blend of herbal extracts works to help ease aches in joints and muscles for both men and women. The natural aroma in Indulge comes from Chinese Geranium and is believed to soothe, relax and remove stress as it is inhaled.

Close Shaving Gel
Close Shaving Gel contains special wetting agents called "surfactants" which penetrate the hair and whiskers faster and deeper than other shaving gels or creams available. The hair shaft is made to swell and fill with moisture. This process causes the hair to uncurl and straighten, making it easier to cut while reducing the chance of contracting ingrown hairs, infection and razor burn. Effective, friction-fighting ingredients have been added to give both men and women a smooth, non-irritating shave.

Lash Enhancer
Lash Enhancer is a rich and soothing blend of ingredients, designed to keep eyelashes in a healthy, long, natural looking state by emulsifying and cleansing the hair follicle. Its light formulation is quickly absorbed, providing support for natural, thick lashes.

Subdue Deodorant
The use of anti-perspirant deodorants has come under a lot of public scrutiny concerning aluminum, a commonly used anti-perspirant ingredient. Neways has formulated Subdue Deodorant, with the natural deodorising ingredients of Coriander, Sage, Eucalyptus and Aloe Vera, which helps soothe this delicate area without compromising your health.

1st Impression Imperfection Lotion
1st Impression Imperfection Lotion provides an effective approach in improving the appearance of acne and other skin blemishes, by removing the food supply that acne-causing bacteria feed on. 1st Impression Imperfection Lotion contains special ingredients to dislodge imbedded dirt and cleanse the pores. The inclusion of Retinyl Palmitate helps soften and improve imperfections, while Myrrh and Willowbark extracts, in combination with other selected herbs, help to soothe the skin.

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