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Skin Care
Skin Care Products

Developed for men and women of all ages, Neways Skin Care system offers a safe, scientific, easy to use method to assist in cleansing, re-building and nourishing your skin.

Milky Cleanser
Milky Cleanser has been especially formulated for dry, delicate or mature skin. It gently removes all traces of makeup and impurities. Enriched with Sweet Almond Oil, it significantly aids in maintaining the delicate balance of the skin's natural oils during and after the cleansing process. Milky Cleanser prepares the skin to receive the maximum benefits of the Neways Skin Care system.

Extra Gentle Cleanser
Extra Gentle is a deep cleanser which emulsifies and dissolves excess oils, dirt and grime while gently releasing dead skin cells. The protective acid mantle on the skin's surface is not altered, but left soft and natural, ready to accept Neways Skin Care products.

Refresh Bath and Shower Gel
Suitable for the face and body, Refresh leaves the skin clean and soft while gently assisting to slough off dead skin cells. Refresh Bath and Shower Gel is suitable for all the family. It also rinses free, leaving no more unsightly "bath tub" ring or shower grime.

1st Impression Cleanser
1st Impression Cleanser is a deep pore cleanser containing effective grease and oil emulsifying agents. Due to the nature of its exfoliating action, the Neways Skin Care products should be used to balance your skin for at least three months before introducing 1st Impression Cleanser into your skin care routine. It should then be used only once or twice a week for deep cleansing.

Wrinkle Drops
Wrinkle Drops is available exclusively for Product Presentations. It is presented as a gift to the host/hostess for inviting guests into their home to be able to share and experience Neways incredible range of products. Wrinkle Drops is designed solely for the delicate area around the eyes. Neways' unique combination of Cross-Linked Elastin and a small amount of Glycolic Acid improves the skin by enhancing its overall colour and tone.

Lightning greatly improves the appearance of age spots, liver spots and other skin discolourations. Its combination of quality ingredients help lighten discolourations and exfoliate dark, dead skin cells. With daily use, a significant improvement in the appearance of the skin will become apparent.

Retention Plus
Retention Plus' blend of Neways exclusive Cross-Linked Elastin, Rose Hips Oil and Retinal Palmitate (a very safe and effective form of Vitamin A), leaves skin feeling soft and silky. Its dynamic, fast acting, intensive formula helps smooth the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Wrinkle Garde
Wrinkle Garde combines Rose Hips Oil with special forms of vitamins to create a beautiful, long-term healthy look to the skin. The skin will appear smoother, more hydrated and moisture enriched.

Bio-Mist Activator
Bio-Mist is a premier water-soluble moisturiser that boasts Allantoin for soothing; Witch Hazel extract to refine the pores; and Raspberry extract, Hydrolised Mucopolysaccharides and Sodium PCA for natural moisturising. When combined with specific Neways products, Bio-Mist enables vital ingredients to perform optimally.

Snap Back
Snap Back is a cosmetic lotion with special collagen enhancing factors that have a sensational effect in assisting the skin's own natural characteristics. Snap Back utilises newly discovered, highly effective extracts derived from exotic botanical ingredients. Designed to improve the appearance of stretch marks, eye bags and sagging skin, Snap Back is an important part of your skin care routine.

Skin Enhancer
Skin Enhancer contains Super Oxide Dismutase known to provide a primary defence against harsh environmental influences. Rose Hips Oil, Oat extract and Aloe Vera are used for softening and smoothing the appearance of the skin. Skin Enhancer is suitable for all ages, although it is not recommended for use on blemished skin.

Tender Care
Tender Care is a superior quality lotion helping to replenish and refresh the skin's natural, protective barrier. Silk Amino Acids, Shea Butter and Onymyrrh are just some of the unique ingredients which leave the skin feeling smooth and soft while replacing diminishing essential moisturising complexes.

Barrier Cream
Barrier Cream dramatically enhances the skin's protective ability, especially against the harmful forces of the environment. Barrier Cream acts like an invisible pair of gloves, preventing contact between the skin and potential irritants. It is non-greasy and ideal to use as the last step in the Skin Care routine for dry, sensitive or mature skins.

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