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Sun Care
Sun Care Products

The sun is your skinís worst enemy. Much of the skinís gradual wrinkling and sagging, often blamed on aging in general, is actually an indicator of UV induced skin damage. Even casual exposure to UV saturated sunlight can result in greater harm to the skin cells. As little as ten minutes in the sun, a brief stroll on an outdoor lunch break, can add to the damage accumulated throughout a lifetime.

Sunbrero Sunscreen SPF 30+
Sunbrero can be a powerful force in keeping the damaging effects of the sun in check. Its broad spectrum UV protection keeps the sunís rays from vulnerable skin and provides a defensive action against the harmful ultraviolet radiation found in UVA and UVB rays. Water resistant for up to two hours, Sunbrero offers you the best protection under the sun. Sunbrero should be re-applied to dried skin after exercise, perspiration and swimming.

Rebound After Sun Lotion
Now your skin can be a survivor. Rebound After Sun Lotion enhances the bodyís ability to recover after the affects of UV radiation exposure. Rebound dramatically relieves the appearance of redness as it soothes the skin and helps balance moisture levels after dehydration. The combination of ingredients, including the botanical extracts of Aloe Vera and Rose Hips Oil, help ease skin discomfort often associated with exposure to UV light. Rebound can also be included in the Skin Care routine as the final moisturising step.

Great Tan
A tan is the bodyís last attempt to defend itself from the harmful effects of UV exposure. Great Tan is a sunless tanning lotion that works with your skinís own pigmentation to darken the appearance of your skin colour, without the use of damaging ultraviolet rays. Formulated for streak-free tanning which does not dry the skin, Great Tan utilises a new self-tanning ingredient to provide a deep, even and more natural tan, indoors.

Tanacity is ideal to use with tanning beds as it helps prepare your skin by enhancing your bodyís own natural defenses, the protective tanning response. When applied before exposure to UV rays, Tanacityís tanning factors combine with its moisture protection to give your skin peak tanning potential. Care must be taken when using Tanacity as, even though it accelerates the tanning process, it should never be mistaken for a sunscreen as it has no sun protection factor.

Lipceutical is a rich, botanical ointment containing extracts of Aloe vera, Sunflower seed, Cocoa butter and Mango butter. It soothes and conditions dry, cracked lips, giving intensified moisture protection.

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