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Roil Treatment System

Neways Roil Treatment range consists of technologically advanced automotive treatments suitable for all types of petrol and diesel driven engines including trucks, cars, motorbikes, power boats, lawn mowers and gardening equipment.

By reducing emissions, Roil helps protect the environment while you protect your engine… from the inside out. Based on ‘state of the art’ chemistry designed to reduce friction and improve efficiency, Roil products do for machinery what Neways' other products do for you.

Roil Petrol Fuel System Treatment
Can greatly increase power and fuel economy while lowering emissions. Dual action cleaning and conditioning of carburretors, injectors, fuel in-take systems, valves and combustion chambers.

Roil Diesel Fuel System Treatment
In a time of increasing consumption and tighter environmental protection regulations, Neways has manufactured a multi-functional diesel treatment to meet the greater demands placed on diesel fuels. Roil Diesel is a cost effective, technologically advanced treatment suitable for diesel engines. Available in bulk.

Lower Engine Oil Treatment
Over 90% of engine wear takes place as you turn the key to start your engine. Roil Lower Engine Oil Treatment is a state-of-the-art formula designed to reduce the friction which causes wear. Being a metal conditioning treatment it will help protect your valuable asset when oil can’t… at start up.

Super Glide FC Manual Transmission & Differential Treatment
Super Glide FC has been formulated to meet and exceed industry standards for today’s high performance automobiles and truck standard transmissions, differentials, axles and power providers. Super Glide FC reduces friction (heat), improves fuel economy and extends part life and service maintenance. Available in bulk.

AT Plus Automatic Transmission Treatment
AT Plus is formulated to provide an extraordinary level of performance in all approved automatic transmission fluids. This is especially important in today’s automobiles with engines operating at higher RPMs and temperatures. Available in bulk.

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